Footbal - Handmade in Romanial

  • Natural leather inside and out

  • Fine leather lining

  • Flexible, anti-skidding and waterproof TPU outsole

  • The sole is lined with a 3 mm latex foam

  • Extremely light, weighing only about 100g

  • Size Chart


This range of shoes can be used both outside (recommended for children under the age of 18 months
due to the thin 1 mm TPU sole) and inside (for children of all ages).

The characteristics of the shoes:

·         They are made of soft, colourful leather

·         The sole is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

·         On the whole, the sole is made of fine leather lining, a 3mm latex foam, a thicker leather lining
and finally the TPU outsole

·         They are extremely flexible, without reinforcements, for a spectacular barefoot feeling!

This type of shoes are ideal for the first steps. Only soft leather soles can be so flexible as to be folded
completely by babies. When they start walking, young children need to practice barefoot, because only
through bare feet they can perfectly feel the floor, have a good balance and strengthen their muscles.

Our soft leather shoes are ideal for home or kindergarden, they are extremely comfortable and light,
allow feet to move freely, while keeping them warm and protected from hard surfaces.
While in kindergarden, the kids can enjoy and play all day long, thanks to the soft, light and airy
feeling of the shoes.

The shoes do not restrain natural foot development, all they do is protect from cold, rough or
slippery surfaces. The integrated foam layer and the thicker leather lining protects the child
against cold or sharp objects, while its ultra-flexibility provides the sensation of walking barefoot.

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a material highly superior to the ordinary rubber sole,
from all points of view: it's elastic, doesn't blunt easily, it's ultra-flexible and very light, can be recycled
and most of all, it's anti-skidding on all surfaces. The TPU is generically used for mountain climbing
or hiking shoes, where it's important to have the maximum adherence and minimum blunting of the sole.
It doesn’t need any special care, it is sufficient to wipe them with a wet tissue,
for removing any accumulated dirt.